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 Help - info - strenght

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PostSubject: Help - info - strenght   Sun Jun 06, 2010 11:00 am

ello hello, I am a warrior you? a warrior? for you only swords, axes and shields? I will help you!
I will help you with your Atacks.

how to become a true warrior
First train your strengt to lvl 99!
if you've done that, buy on the square of varock a skill cape! this looks like

Now it's time for you to train deffence!
train your defense also 99!
Now you can get a skill cape deffence bear looks like!

Nice job! Now you hit a lot and hitting the other almost anything through your deffence level!
But now we also train Atack! Otherwise you do not get real!

Traint your atack level also to lvl 99
Now you can wear a cape Atack skill and looks like this:

Now is your combat level around level 124! nicely done! Now you're a true warrior! only with swords, axes and shields!

See my other topics for range and magic!
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Help - info - strenght
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