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 A New Source

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PostSubject: A New Source   Sun Jun 06, 2010 11:37 am

Hi everyone well today we will be updating the server to a newer and better source

Why are we changing sources?

It's because the source we have atm its bugged and not very up to date the next source will be a bit similar but different

what does this source have to offer?

This source offers stuff like

- Bounty Hunter
- Spirit Shields
- Spirit beast (hits with mage and range)
- Working Barrows
- Pvp armor
- Fully working lunar magics
- donator system
- Dragon claws specs
- All gs specials
- Pk points system ( 5 points per kill)

Exp will be reduced to 5k instead of 10k as it is very fast training right now

Yes but these are just few of the things that the new source has to offer

Will our files be deleted?

No no body's char file will be deleted they will all be saved and transferred to the new source so you dont have to panic (you can breathe again)

You can donate for

Gs set $5

Phat set $5

Dragon claws and 100 donator points $10

fire cape $2

2.1b ingame $5

one Pvp armour set $7

What are the donatar points used for?

For example if you lose your payed for item you can use the donator items for the item you lost

so if i lose dragon claws and you ahve 100 donator points yo can trade in 50 of them for another pair of dragon claws


Thank you for you cooperation Cell

we will be having a drop party right after the change of sources.
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A New Source
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